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Create Good Feng Shui in Your Home

If you want to create good feng shui in your present house, or are looking to buy a new house that has good feng shui, there are some simple, basic feng shui guidelines that can help you. Let's look into the main areas that are responsible for good feng shui energy in a house. Here is a quick checklist of feng shui priorities that create good feng shui energy.

Good Outside Feng Shui

A good feng shui house has no Sha Chi (attacking) or Si Chi (low) energy around it. Carefully study the outside of your house, look at your surroundings with fresh eyes. Do you live in a cul-de-sac house or a T-junction house? Do you live close to the railroad? Is your backyard sloped? Usually, these houses will have challenging feng shui that needs to be taken care of. Creating a beautiful garden, no matter how small, will help attract beneficial feng shui energy to your house.

Energy Flow to the Front Door

A good feng shui house has a smooth, strong and clear energy flow to its front door. Is the Chi, or feng shui energy, flow blocked on its way to your front door? Is there a big tree, or any other feature blocking the flow to your front door?

Or, maybe your door needs some loving care, such as a better feng shui color, new hardware, etc. Do you block the pathway yourself with recycling bins, old pots, shoes outside the front door? You need to take care of that.

Quality of Energy in the Main Entry

A good feng shui house has a main entry designed to welcome, strengthen and channel the incoming feng shui energy throughout the whole house. This will nourish your house and create good energy. What is the first thing you see as your enter your house? Where do you feel the energy (your attention) goes right away? Does it go straight to a bathroom that is close to the front door, or is it pushed right back by a mirror facing the front door?

Do you have a staircase facing the front door? Or, maybe your front door is aligned to the back door so that most of the good energy that enters the house easily escapes? For good feng shui, the energy has to be attracted into the house and channeled through all rooms, especially the kitchen and the bedroom.

Strong Feng Shui Trinity

A good feng shui house has good feng shui anchored in its main energy centers - the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom. The quality of feng shui energy in your house mainly depends on the strength of feng shui energy in your bedroom, your kitchen and your bathroom.

Be sure all three areas have a strong feng shui foundation and always be aware of the quality of energy in these three energy points of your home. There can be no good feng shui house without a good feng shui bedroom, a good feng shui kitchen and a good feng shui bathroom.

Fresh Feng Shui Energy

A good feng shui house is nourished by fresh, clear and freely flowing energy. There is no stagnant, old or blocked energy anywhere in the house. Everything around us is in constant flow, in constant change. So, even after you've created a strong feng shui foundation in your house, the work continues. You have to get into the habit of keeping the energy fresh and flowing and be very mindful about not creating stuck areas in your house.

Stuck, stagnant energy in a specific area of your house will sooner or later express itself in stuck, or completely blocked energy in a specific area of your life (see the feng shui bagua or energy map). Get rid of your clutter, clear out your closets, your basement, your garage, and once these areas are clean, do not let them accumulate more clutter.

Use basic space clearing tips at least once a week. Good, fresh feng shui energy expresses itself in a clean space, fresh air, plenty of good light, and happy, meaningful energy as expressed in any decor items in your house.

Constant Exploration

In order to create good feng shui in a house, start small and do not get overwhelmed with all the amount of feng shui info out there. First and foremost, you have to trust your senses and go at your own pace. After all, it is your house, and it is best to feel empowered and strong when you do any changes in your house. This is good feng shui!

Use Feng Shui in Your Home Decorating

Feng shui can be used in decorating your house with the goal of creating a loving, supportive, fun and happy home. Decorating tips used in feng shui are slightly different than the traditional decorating, but once you start using feng shui, a harmoniously decorated home is yours to enjoy!

Feng shui decorating is basically a way to decorate your home so as to create a vibrant feeling of joy and harmony. Feng shui decorating does not necessarily mean creating a Zen-type home; what feng shui decorating means is that you create an environment that has the best energy to support the specific activity, or activities, intended for that space.

A home office needs an active, vibrant energy of success, while a bedroom will need a soft, sensual energy. You can achieve the desired energies by following basic feng shui principles in your decorating efforts.

Your first step in decorating your home with feng shui starts before the actual decorating process. The absolutely necessary feng shui requirement is to clear the old energy residues and create a strong and clear energy foundation. What does that mean on a practical level?

It means you have to clear your clutter. Decorating a cluttered home makes no sense, from the feng shui point of view. Kind of like applying expensive make-up to an unwashed face. Why would you do that? Only after you have cleared the old energy can you move on to a successful feng shui decorating process. But wait, there's one more step before you immerse yourself in playing with colors, textures and an endless variety of feng shui cures!

Let's explore the best feng shui decorating steps.

Good Quality Air and Light

These two elements are essential for good Chi, or good feng shui energy, in your home, thus essential for good feng shui decorating. So, if you have done all the preliminary work - your house is clutter-free (or almost clutter-free), you have good quality air and good quality light, you are now ready to start decorating with feng shui!

Define the Energy Map of Your Home

The bagua or energy map of your home will serve as a blueprint, or a clear map as to what colors are used in specific rooms, what images are best in your home, how to position the furniture for best energy flow, etc. Knowing the bagua is crucial to successful feng shui decorating, so be sure not to ignore this step.

Use Color for Good Feng Shui

Color is a very powerful way to shift the energy in your home and bring the desired results much quicker. As such, knowing how to use color skillfully is very important for good feng shui decorating. Is blue good feng shui for your bedroom? Is red OK in the main entry?

Define the Feng Shui Products You Need

You might have many of them already, or you might need a beautiful fountain and some great feng shui art, plus maybe a Buddha image in your home office to go with your decor scheme.

While good feng shui decorating does not mean a Zen-looking space (or a Chinese-looking establishment), it does mean you decorate with clear intent and use specific items as feng shui cures.

Use Modern Decor as Feng Shui Cures

So, you bought your fountain and you bought your crystals, now where and how do you position them for best feng shui in your home? Of course, the first step is to consult the bagua of your home (which you have done in step # 2 above). The next step in good feng shui decorating is to place your cures according to your best, or lucky, directions.

Summary of Feng Shui Decorating

When decorating your home with feng shui, it is important to focus on the big picture (your whole house or apartment), as well as "zoom in" to each specific area of your home in order to create best feng shui energy in all your rooms.

5 Steps To Good Feng Shui in Your New Home

Moving into a new home can be a truly exciting experience. We all long for a fresh start and new, happy beginnings, even though most of the time we also resist letting go of the old! The ancient art and science of feng shui can help you release old energy, as well as invite the new into your life.

However, there is one more feng shui step that is important to know when you are moving to your new home.

In the language of feng shui energy, letting go of the old (clearing energy) and setting intentions for the new (applying feng shui cures) is not enough. When you move to a new home, you also have to be sure to start with a clean, clear energy foundation.

It is important to know that houses have memories, just like people do. The energy of all events that happened there in the past will still linger inside. The smartest way to go when you move into a new space is to do some space clearing to assure you start with a clean slate.

After you've done some space clearing, pay extra attention to these 5 important feng shui areas.

1. A Strong Front Door and Main Entry.

A house can attract good feng shui energy only when it has a strong front door and a good main entry. From the best feng shui door color to the best decor for your main entry, we have all the resources to help you.

2. A Space with No Clutter.

An orderly space with no clutter is the best feng shui foundation for your new home. This means that ideally, you have dealt with your clutter before moving to your new space. To prevent clutter from accumulating in your new home, be sure to start with a good organization system.

When every item in your home has its own space, the possibility of creating clutter is greatly diminished.

3. A Good Feng Shui Kitchen.

The kitchen is the first area to energize, feng shui-wise, when you move into a new home. Bring some fresh herbs into your kitchen, make an aromatic cup of tea, fill a bowl with colorful fruits. In other words, do your best to take energetic ownership of your new kitchen, as well as make it express the energy of joy, happiness, and nourishment. Your whole house will benefit from joyful, healthy vibes in your kitchen.

4. Soulful, Meaningful Home Decor.

The better connection you have with every item you own, the better and clearer your own energy levels. You feel happy when you are surrounded by items you love, and this energy of love and happiness creates a supportive energy for you and your family. Decor items that might not seem like clutter can easily become clutter if you do not need them, do not like them or rarely, if ever, use them.

Let go of all the items you do not like or need.

5. Good Feng Shui In Your Bedroom.

Your bedroom is the most important room in the house. There can be no happy house if the bedroom has unhappy energy; its that simple. Treat yourself well in your new bedroom and everything else will fall into place. We have an abundance of tips to help you create a good feng shui bedroom, learn how to easily apply them in your own bedroom.

Moving into a new home is one of the best times to use feng shui to create a space of freshness, clarity and happiness in your home; use this time wisely.


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